Wednesday 10 May 2017

Sun Wharf proposals - more consultation

As Deptford residents approach consultation saturation point, news of another consultation. Plans to redevelop Sun Wharf (which currently houses Cockpit Arts and Jones Hire) were first announced more than a year ago and I wrote about them at the time.

Apparently these proposals - for 'a mixture of commercial space intended for affordable artist studios, new homes, a new public square, and opening up a new pedestrian route to Deptford Creek - have been developed further and new proposals are now ready to be 'consulted' on again.

Who gave this job to the freelancer who's still chasing payment for their last invoice?

With the existing Cockpit Arts building set to be demolished, the proposals include providing a new purpose built home for the long-established Creekside organisation. Hopefully whoever designs the signage for the new building will be a bit more conscientious with the spell-checking than the person who mocked up the rendering above. Apart from getting the name wrong, looks quite nice and fluffy from this angle. 

Here's a more realistic and helpful overview of the density, taken from the developer's website.

Plans will be on view at the Creekside Discovery Centre on Wednesday 24 May and Thursday 25 May from 4pm - 8pm.

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Chris said...

Perhaps the (Freudian?) freelancer was the same one who prepared the plans for the skateboard rink in Charlton Park who thought Charlton was in Greenwitch...