Friday, 5 May 2017


Another new restaurant coming soon to Deptford High Street; Marcella is the sister restaurant to Artusi in the peak-hipster Bellenden Road district of Peckham. A road that used to describe itself as being in East Dulwich.

Marcella has been bubbling under for some time, with the former Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Ffinch St undergoing an extensive refurbishment over many months. I've been following progress impatiently.  Looks like it will finally be opening this month, according to the website.

In earlier days
It describes itself as 'Italian inspired' and if it's anything like the Peckham original, the menu looks interesting and reasonably priced by London standards. I do have a bit of a backlog on the eatery reviews at the moment, but as long as I am able to fight my way past the Guardian/Time Out/Evening Standard restaurant reviewers and journos who according to Twitter are now flocking to Dirty Deptford's streets, I hope to post a review in due course.

If you're popping down to have a peek, don't be fooled by its neighbour. This is not another eatery - it's an estate agent; we've got almost as many new ones of these as we have eateries! They have been a little premature with the gaudy sign as there's no indication it will be ready to open in the immediate future. But if the streetlights should fail at least you'll be able to find your way down the road by the glare of its fluorescent green glow.


Anonymous said...

There's no denying Deptford is still a sh!t-hole... however it's slowly improving, and hopefully soon we'll hit the tipping point.

Anonymous said...

The Evening Standard's restaurant reviewer claims that "Deptford is the new Peckham". I'm simultaneously proud enough of Deptford to "deny" the above post, I'm also looking forward to wearing the restaurant review as a fake hipster t-shirt slogan!