Saturday 22 February 2020

Albany revives redevelopment plans

The Albany Theatre will this week revive proposals to redevelop its outdated facilities - with funds for the work likely to come from construction of housing on the same site.

The existing building has remained largely unchanged since it opened in 1982, and there's no question it needs updating and improving in order to make the most of its prime location. I've always thought its gloomy, dark entrance hall could put off potential visitors quite easily - and I suspect a large proportion of Deptford's regular shoppers only go through the doors when they need to use the loo. It has a beautiful garden too - with many mature trees - which is a lovely place for lunch or a coffee on a sunny day.

Previous plans to team up with the developer of the carriage ramp (Cathedral, now U+I) and build housing over the garden were put forward in 2012, but never reached fruition - which I was quite relieved about as it seemed to involve total obliteration of this green lung.

Unsurprisingly, given the need to raise funds for improvements to the building, redevelopment of the site is again in discussion. First consultation takes place on Monday 24th February from 4.30pm-7.30pm at the Albany and is open to the public 

Although the blurb on the Albany's website states that 'outside space will be maintained', initial renderings suggest that it won't be maintained to the same extent that the site currently enjoys.