Sunday 28 September 2008

First report

The start of Ben Cummins' fabulous audio tour Pavement Sonnets. I'm halfway through it, saving the rest for another day. And the golden ball hidden in the shrubbery on the left is one of many dotted around Deptford as part of the work by Fran Cottell.

Creekside Centre's open day today; one of the occasional days when the Thames Barrier is closed all day means the Creek has been at 'low tide' all day. If you missed the open day, you might be interested in getting involved with the Creek clean-up day which is happening next Sunday (details on the website).

Deptford X retrospective, and open studios, at the APT gallery.

Following the Pavement Sonnets: a couple more golden balls.

Katie Gilman's 10,597 in the middle of the roundabout outside the Bird's Nest pub.

Can you spot the balls on these (above and below)? You might need to click the pictures to make them bigger.

Memorial to the unknown shopper, by Patrick Semple. In one of the arches of the carriage ramp behind the Deptford Project.

Part of the exhibition 'Gaffs' which is also on show in the space behind the Deptford Project.

Don't forget that most of the shows and events continue for several weeks, so plenty of time to get down to the High Street and check them out!

Saturday 27 September 2008

Deptford X

A quick reminder that Deptford X is now on, running for several weeks and including a huge programme of installations, events and shows all around the area.

The website has got loads of information on it about what is going on, there is a really excellent programme of stuff, and I hope to bring you pictures, news and reports from it over the next few weeks.

I'm delighted that it's running over a longer period and am looking forward to enjoying the buzz it creates.

Thursday 11 September 2008


The very talented Howard Hardiman - sometime knitter, local garden-sharer and Brockley blogger - has published his first book!

Badger has been present on Howard's blog for some time, shuffling around in his rather melancholic way, but now he's made it into print, with the publication of this book. It's the story of a lonely badger living in a flat in South London - apparently inspired by Howard's former residence. I am happy to report that he (Howard that is) now lives in a much nicer-looking abode, with a soon-to-be-well-kept garden. I'm not sure about Badger. His demeanour reminds me of the old man I used to see in the building across the road from my old flat. He was in a pokey little kitchen below ground, and it had a strip of window at pavement level. Sometimes when it was hot, he would do his cooking in the nude. It was a weird, puzzling and rather sad sight and I used to worry he might splash himself with hot oil.

But I digress.

As befits the occasion, Howard will be having an official launch of Badger on 30 September upstairs at the Retro Bar, which is just off the Strand. He'll be there from 6pm onwards with books for sale, signed by the author if so desired.

Even if you can't make it, do browse Howard's new site at Cutebutsad where you can see more examples of his sad little creatures.

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Ten years of Deptford X/Cockpit Arts open days

A date for the diary: Deptford X will run from 26 September to 19 October, and the local arts event will celebrate its 10th birthday this year!

The launch party will take place at the APT Gallery on Creekside, on Thursday 25 Sept from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. This includes the opening of the Deptford X retrospective exhibition and the presentation of the MacDonald Egan award. Apparently an audio walk and map will be available from the website, I suggest checking back nearer the time. There is a good line-up including artists such as Yinka Shonibare, whose work I am looking forward to seeing.

During the event, the Bearspace Gallery will be showing a video installation 'Studs' by Sarah Baker, inspired by the Jackie Collins novel of the same name. At the Bearspace website you can even read Sarah's blog about the process of making the film.

Naturally Cockpit Arts is joining in the fun, with open days on 20 and 21 September from 11 till 6 (this is actually intended to celebrate London Fashion Week, London Design Festival and Open House week) - see the huge range of fabulous designer/makers at work in their studios, all for free! They are having another open weekend at the beginning of December, so if you can't go in September, there's still time to buy christmas presents later in the year!