Thursday 20 June 2019

Three fundraisers for Deptford

I realise not everyone has spare cash these days (and there are ways you can help these appeals other than by pledging) but if you want to support your local community here are three current crowdfunders that could have a real impact on Deptford.

Save the arches!
First up is actually a nationwide campaign led by Guardians of the Arches, representing tenants of railway arches all around the country who are being impacted by the sell-off of Network Rail's property portfolio last year to private investors.

Many small businesses and creatives in Deptford rely on the railway arches that run right through the heart of SE8 for affordable premises. Some tenants have already had significant rent rises imposed, and many fear that they will be unable to stay in the area if this pattern is not halted.

Guardians of the Arches are crowdfunding to pay for staff to support tenants and continue the campaign on behalf of small business owners across the UK. They are very close to their target but you will have to be quick if you want to donate, as the crowdfunder closes at midnight tomorrow (21st June).


Establish a Deptford dockyard visitor centre! 

The Lenox Project charity has been campaigning for some years to ensure that Deptford's incredible maritime and shipbuilding heritage is not lost when the Convoys Wharf development starts construction on Deptford's waterfront. Their long-term plan is to build and sail a full-size replica of the Lenox, the first of Charles II's thirty ships, that was built under the watchful eye of Samuel Pepys and launched in 1678.

After successfully lobbying during the masterplan planning application process, and being acknowledged in the conditions attached to the grant of planning permission for the site, they are now fundraising to establish a Deptford Dockyard visitor centre in the undercroft of one of the historic buildings on the foreshore next door.

This disused space has been offered to the charity at a peppercorn rent by Hyde Housing, which is responsible for the residential properties above ground. The space will have a workshop where the charity intends to build the ship's model and wooden boats, with some apprenticeships as part of this. It will also house dockyard-related archives and be a public space for meetings and events. But the charity needs to raise funds to restore the space, install toilets and other services, to make it accessible to all, and to fit it out for public use.

Their crowdfunder runs until mid-August, and it's 'all or nothing', so pledges are only converted if they reach their target.


Put the lights on at Deptford Cinema!

Down the other end of SE8, the independent, volunteer-run Deptford Cinema is celebrating its fifth anniversary and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £15k to upgrade its electrics. 

There's no denying that the cinema is a fantastic part of our local arts scene, with its diverse programming, great-value tickets and not-for-profit philosophy. 

Again this is an 'all or nothing' crowdfunder, and it runs until July 19th - get there quick if you want the best rewards. 

They can tell it far better and with much more pizazz than me, so take a look at their campaign via the link below...