Sunday, 28 September 2008

First report

The start of Ben Cummins' fabulous audio tour Pavement Sonnets. I'm halfway through it, saving the rest for another day. And the golden ball hidden in the shrubbery on the left is one of many dotted around Deptford as part of the work by Fran Cottell.

Creekside Centre's open day today; one of the occasional days when the Thames Barrier is closed all day means the Creek has been at 'low tide' all day. If you missed the open day, you might be interested in getting involved with the Creek clean-up day which is happening next Sunday (details on the website).

Deptford X retrospective, and open studios, at the APT gallery.

Following the Pavement Sonnets: a couple more golden balls.

Katie Gilman's 10,597 in the middle of the roundabout outside the Bird's Nest pub.

Can you spot the balls on these (above and below)? You might need to click the pictures to make them bigger.

Memorial to the unknown shopper, by Patrick Semple. In one of the arches of the carriage ramp behind the Deptford Project.

Part of the exhibition 'Gaffs' which is also on show in the space behind the Deptford Project.

Don't forget that most of the shows and events continue for several weeks, so plenty of time to get down to the High Street and check them out!

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Anonymous said...

I wondered where that ball in the roundabout came from! I suspected an arty thing going on. I loved the anchor wrapped up last year. It's great when Deptford does this crazy stuff! Yay!