Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Bear Cafe

You may remember that the Bear Cafe on Deptford High Street was closed over the summer, although initial rumours that it was gone for ever proved unfounded, and the Dame was informed by new manager Dale that it would reopen in September with some 'new, tasty delights' as well as the old favourites.

Well it has been back on the scene for a month now, but today was the first day I had chance to check it out for my lunch.

For those of you who loved the old Bear Cafe, there is excellent news; the only noticeable difference at the front is that there are new folks serving behind the counter. But if, like me, you are going in search of the new tasty delights, I'm not entirely sure you will find anything to satisfy you.

A full review will be forthcoming in due course - today I just couldn't whip up any enthusiasm for beetroot and feta salad so I went to the Deptford Project instead for my salad box. Their salads are still fairly run of the mill but they don't have loads of cheese in, and the dressings seem lighter. More importantly they seem to have resolved some of the issues with staffing which kept me away in the past when I was on my lunch break. They have more staff and they are working much more efficiently. No-one on a 1-hour lunchbreak wants to spend a quarter of that valuable time watching the amount of faffing that I have seen there in the past.


Margie said...

That's great news about the Bear being open again. I've missed them!

Golddawn said...

Hi there, and thanks for your feedback on the cafe. I am sorry you didn't find as many new things as you would have liked today. We are introducing new things slowly but steadily. Our sandwich menu has had a number of changes - most notably the addition of a breakfast menu and a Childrens menu. We also have a number of new home made cakes and sweets (try the fudge! Not diet friendly, mind you, but certainly a tasty new delight).

The salads vary from day to day (as do the soups), but only two (the Greek tomato and the beetroot) have any cheese on them, and we'll try to make sure you get at least 5-6 salads a day to choose from.

I'm glad you enjoyed the salad from the Detford Project. They serve excellent coffee too! Deptford locals and visitors can only benefit from having lots of choice for places to eat and drink. (I live locally too, and appreciate the choice myself.)

Thanks for popping in today, and for giving us a mention here. I hope your next visit finds you something special, and more to your taste.