Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Proposals for Deptford railway bridge lighting installation

Proposals to commission a lighting installation to brighten up the underside of the railway bridge over Deptford High Street have reached the consultation stage.

As part of the high street improvement works artist Peter Freeman has been commissioned to come up with some designs for the site - a stretch of the street that is home to twin telephone boxes and usually only loved by buskers and beggars seeking shelter from the rain.

Three different lighting schemes have been proposed (details can be downloaded here) and all three renderings show them with rainbow lighting although the proposals are for colour changing lights to be programmed based on three different scenarios. The positioning of fixtures and direction of the lighting also varies between the three.

Rainbow bridge: 'rainbow effects with different colour combinations for each month of the year' (I assume this means the same colours just in a different order).

Birthday bridge: 'colour combinations chosen by local residents and school children to honour their own birthdays. The birthday list could also include the birth dates of loved ones and locally famous residents from the past'.

The light loves you Deptford: 'lights on the bridge will be programmed to change colour on significant dates and for international memorial and celebration days, for example turning green on St Patrick’s Day, pink on St Valentines Day and multicoloured on Chinese New Year (not red?). The exact days and colours would be chosen in consultation with local stakeholders.'

The online consultation is open until 26th June and proposals will also be on show at a drop-in session with the artist at Deptford Lounge on 23rd May from 3-7pm.


Darian Thomson said...

Just done the consultation, I've gone for Rainbow bridge for peace and lgbt reasons.

Nightmer said...

Am I insane or are the essentially the same with different reasons for changing the colours...???