Saturday, 20 April 2013

All change at Utrophia/The Job Centre

News that the high street's temporary art space Utrophia and adjoining shop Extra Bones have been given notice to quit from their location next to Poundland by the end of the month suggest that changes are in the offing.

When I broke the story in January that pubco Antic is planning to open a new pub in the former Job Centre, there was some debate about whether or not they would have to apply for change of use at the premises.

It turns out they do, and an application was submitted at around the same time for a change of use to a public house, along with a number of alterations to the building, the most significant being the creation of a roof terrace at the first floor level.

The planning application includes a rather faint line-drawing (above) and the standard elevation (below) which show little change to the look of the building aside from the addition of railings and a doorway at to give access to the roof terrace.

Considering that the building has residential properties at that level on both sides I would be surprised if this application has not attracted objections from the neighbours. Although Antic is proposing that outdoor areas will only be used up to 10pm (and they do police this same condition very strictly at the Royal Albert) I am not sure I would be happy with the loss of privacy and increase in noise that a new roof terrace would inevitably result in.

According to Lewisham's planning website (not so easy to use in its new format, I have to say) the target date for decision on this application is 30 April.


Anonymous said...

I live in 112 Deptford High Street and have a terrace at the front of my flat that will be at the same level as the proposed pub roof terrace. I have just moved to the area very recently and so have mixed feelings about the whole debacle. On the one hand, it would be lovely to have a quality establishment on the street - on the other I don't want the quiet enjoyment of my flat ruined by excessive noise from the terrace.

Nemo said...

If consent is given I hope that the planning committee are savvy enough to make sure that at no time in the future can it be changed in use to another bloody betting shop !

Just. Hangsing said...

STOP betting shop on Deptford High Street!!!

Deptford Dame said...

@Nemo now look what you started! It's a good point though, I wonder if they are allowed to put such clauses in their decisions these days.

Sue said...

Very good point, Nemo! Though it has to be said that this space would make an abnormally large betting shop (and presently amusement arcades are sui generis?).

On the terrace front, I recall the Deptford Project event organisers found it difficult to get temporary licenses for outdoor events in the back yard that would disturb neighbours – hence the 'Silent' Cinema. And Utrophia were very careful about their events.

Hopefully that indicates Lewisham Planning's attitude (or at least the licensing team's). Or perhaps the consideration came from these organisers, or marks the difference between temporary and yearly licenses. Worth checking @residents at 112?

BTW really enjoyed the terrace when Social Centre Plus squatters used it as part of one of their events. Is that where the idea came from? (Obviously neighbours were the last consideration at that time).

It might make a good daytime terrace for dining (less noisy). Some might say when you choose to live on the high street, whether buying or renting, you can expect a fair amount of noise – like a market starting at 6am in the morning or a nearby betting shop open till 10pm. Many people are glad to hear of a new pub opening that re-enlivens the high street, and that will create much more noise – even without the terrace.