Sunday 14 April 2013

The saga of the Deptford Anchor

It seems that the powers that be waited until I was out of town for the weekend before digging out Deptford High Street's last remaining visible piece maritime history - perhaps fearing that I might chain myself to the anchor in an attempt to prevent its removal.

Clearly I am not the only one who is mourning its loss and fearing for its future - Crosswhatfields blog published a fitting tribute assessing the significance of its presence and the lack of other reminders of our dockyard heritage; I Love Deptford's Facebook page is a veritable stream of anguish voiced by all those who weren't aware of/hadn't taken any notice of the warning signs and public consultations; hell, even Brockley Central felt sufficiently moved to pronounce on the event - with what must surely be one of its most tenuous headline puns to date. 

At the site of the crime, flowers have been hung around the fences. Perhaps a vigil is planned?

In the meantime, if you have been following the story so far, you will know that Lewisham Council is 'working hard' to find a new position for the anchor.

It's a difficult one alright, there are so few options where there is the space and setting to do credit to such a potent symbol of our past.


Philip Dodd said...

The removal of the anchor saddens me greatly. That few square feet was the most meaningful social space to hundreds of people over the years. Some had nowhere else. Some behaved badly, some well. Deptford is less Deptford without the anchor. Leaves me sad that the history of the dispossessed, is so easily wiped.

Sky London said...

The drunks were a problem, THE anchor was not. I can't believe they moved it BEFORE sorting out where it is going to go.

Incompetents or stupidity?

It's a part of sunny Deptford. These are the things that make a place special and unique.


Anonymous said...

that anchor was a direct link to the past: a distant past of 20 years ago when it was donated to fill the empty space it will once more leave...

It was never there when Deptford was a significant nautical hub, and isn't there now- why so much impassioned pseudo nostalgia?

stuart said...

The anchor could be replaced in same location on a higher plinth, for all to see. One where the drunks can't sit one.

ps D Dame, I like the pictorial hint for council.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any info on where we can bombard Lewisham Councils with emails and protests?
The continual failure of this Labour authority to promote Deptfords heritage is utterly contemptible.

But then I guess it's predictable, given the crass philistinism they display towards any of the cultural history of Lewisham.
It really is time to boot this mob out of power.
They can't even give any undertaking that they will reverse the Tory decision on our A&E.....
Just who do they represent?