Friday, 5 April 2013

In a pikkle

On what seemed to be the coldest day of the year so far, two Saturdays ago, new food stall In a Pikkle had its debut on Deptford Market. According to its website, the firm is 'the UK's first artisan Barbadian food supplier'. Leaving aside what that claim actually means, and whether it is actually true, the food offering is definitely something a bit different to anything I've had before.

Considering the appalling weather, it wasn't the best day to be selling cold food - although I understand they also do fish cakes which is what I'll be trying next time! But the main offering is based on the Caribbean dish 'souse' which involves pickling meat and veg in lime juice, herbs and spices. It's usually made with pork and served in Barbados with black pudding and breadfruit.

The stall sells several versions, with chicken, fish, pork or shrimp as the main ingredients, as well as a veggie option with quinoa, lentils and something called freekeh which I had to Google. Prices are £5 for the shrimp option, a quid less for the others, and for that you also get a portion of spicy potato or green banana to go with it.

I tried the fish option, which was made with mackerel. Even on a cold day it warmed me up with a good level of spiciness from the Scotch bonnet chillies, crunch from the celery and cucumber, and the whole thing cut through with lime juice which went particularly well with the mackerel. There was quite a lot of juice left in the pot, and I found myself drinking up every drop it was so tasty.

I'm never going to love the name I'm afraid, the purist in me cringes every time I see those two ks next to each other, but I will probably manage to overlook it in favour of a tasty, healthy snack.


Anonymous said...

The 'music' was pretty dire and certainly too loud. Stopped me from approaching any closer than 4 yards, so never got to read what food they might have had on offer.
Stupid spelling of the name too.


deptford pudding said...

That looks really nice. I like pikkle.

Anonymous said...

They tried moving the stall to a more obvious place (Sat 20th April) and turned the music down a bit.
Now all they have to do is learn to spell...

Vernita said...

This is cool!