Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Deptford (*ahem* Greenwich) Waitrose to open in June

If you haven't seen the immensely silly article in the Evening Standard's Homes & Property that we all had a good hoot at on Twitter and Facebook a couple of weeks ago, now might be a good time to do so. A health warning for anyone who recently had an operation, careful you don't split those stitches laughing.

You can marvel at the fact that Waitrose chose Deptford as a location for its new flagship store, and read the incredible first-hand comments from me and others, at least three of which have been lifted straight from this blog and other parts of the social media world. It looks as though someone actually spoke to Julia from Bearspace gallery, although I still wonder whether she knew what she was being interviewed for. You may also find yourself having a little giggle when you wonder what the Royal Borough of Greenwich thinks about having its new store relocated across the borough boundary.

My favourite bit of the article is "The company has concluded that Deptford will offer it “ABC1” customers of the sort it already serves in Belgravia, Bloomsbury, Marylebone and Canary Wharf, Blackheath and the prosperous end of Greenwich."

Oh my sides!

Of course it's nothing more than a puff piece for the latest housing developments in the area, namely Paynes & Borthwick, New Capital Quay, and the various Cathedral projects currently under construction or about to start.

In the meantime, thanks to a commenter on my previous post who prompted me to chase up, and confirm, the opening date of June 20th. Here's where I got the confirmation, and although jobs for the Greenwich store are not yet up there, if you are interested in applying you might want to dust off your CV.


Edward said...

You're welcome. My name is Edward and I bought a flat in the Greenwich Creekside development at the beginning of last year. I follow your posts with great interest.

fyi I found the news on Waitrose here:


Anonymous said...

I contacted Waitrose a couple of days and apparently all the jobs have already been filled. Thought I'd let your followers know :(

Anonymous said...

To anon - I find that strange, because I have literally just completed an application. There is a post on the website at the minute, it's listed as being in "Greenwich" - I can only assume they mean the one mentioned in the article.

Anonymous said...

How weird. I have found said post. Thanks for alerting me.

I clearly referred to the Greenwich store so I cannot see how they got confused. Maybe a couple of people dropped out?

Thanks again though - sorry for the mistake.

From the anon who contacted Waitrose :)

Anonymous said...

Erm...isn't it the right side of the creek to be greenwich? or is that not even greenwich now?

Anonymous said...

Thought that you might want to know that not a single job in waitrose was advertised, anywhere. They filled every single job from existing stores, so it benefited deptford and greenwich to the sum of zero.

GranniesGirl said...

LOVE this article - gave me a real giggle so thank you for posting it. My lovely grannie lived in Edward Street for decades until her sad passing many years ago now, but Deptford (yes the Waitrose is in Deptford NOT Greenwich) is somewhere I always go back to, just to reminisce and look at the innumerable changes that have occurred over the years. I remember the site that the new Waitrose is on very well - isn't it where the scrap metal bloke/car scrapper used to be? I'm pretty sure that the scrap fella was in DEPTFORD, not Greenwich. As for Deptford having the same clientele as Begravia etc, errrm - have the people who wrote that actually BEEN there? The way I see it is Deptford is Deptford and doesn't have to pretend to be anything else. Yes there are problems with Deptford, we all know that, but there are still many good things about it too - and Waitrose shouldn't be ashamed of saying exactly where their store really is - or who goes there.

Anonymous said...

This store is not in Deptford, but in Greenwich properly - it's on the side of the creek that has always been under the administration of Greenwich Council, and for many many years now. Now if some locals want to call that area Deptford, that's fine, but it's never been officially part of Deptford.

Anonymous said...

Correct -. It's definitely Greenwich - Even McMillan Street which is right near Deptford Methodist Church and the High Street comes under the Royal Borough of Greenwich.