Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Wharves, Deptford

A few years ago when the Wharves development on Oxestalls Road was granted planning permission, I wrote about the scheme on this blog.

You'll note I was vaguely enthusiastic about the proposals - that counts as high praise in my books - so I am somewhat wary to read on new owner Lend Lease's website for the development that they are planning to 'update' the proposals.

There's only a vague intimation of what this might be - ironically one of the few parts of the development that I thought could offer employment and training opportunities, the bespoke facility and showroom for the cab company, will no longer be included because apparently the company has moved out of the area already. Perhaps they got bored of waiting for the developer to start work on the site.

Other than that, there's no indication of what else this might involve - increase the amount of housing/height of towers? Reduce the percentage of social housing? Ditch the mysterious energy centre? Get rid of the water feature?

Your guess is as good as mine, but frankly with the way other developments are going round here, I don't have a good feeling about it.

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vesper said...

The precedent set by Convoys Wharf maximised the greed factor. Like you Dame I would expect 'Lend Lease' the new owners of The Wharves Deptford to follow that lead.

Mayor Boris Johnson, who grabbed the planning control for Convoys Wharf from Lewisham Council, is now making a move on Westminster by seeking a safe seat before next year's general election, and it is obvious that he now wants to take over from Cameron and apply his PLANNING FOR REAL policies to the rest of the country.

Today in Erith I sent this Thames Gateway, City Challenge text to DEFEND COUNCIL HOUSING.. Please support Erith & Thamesmead & one time single mum Teresa Pearce MP today at Morrisons Erith when Orbit South will be 'planning for real' between 3pm-7pm with regard to their Phase 2 plans for the regeneration sic of the Tory/UKIP controlled former Larner Road Council Estate in Bexley which has been in the Treasury Minister, David Evennett MP's constituency Bexleyheath & Crayford since a boundary change at the last election. CHRIST HELP US! In XtO Roy Hobson CInstCES 1990, RICS 1984 (resigned 1989)Grad Dipl QS 1981 aka Our Lady of the Assumption's "Vesper" too