Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Deptford Creek footbridge

You may recall that a new footbridge is due to be built to provide a direct link from Millennium Quay to New Capital Quay across Deptford Creek on the Thames Path. (Some of you may refer to it as Greenwich Reach. It's a free world after all.)

It will make it a much more pleasant trip along the river for walkers and cyclists than having to do the detour over the road bridge and past the pointless public realm.

Reliable sources inform me that next week updated: first delivery now due on 26th August we should actually get to see bits of the new footbridge arriving on site, with completion scheduled for later this year.

Don't get too excited/underwhelmed by these photos, which my source has received from the companies that were contracted to build it. They show the bits of steel being welded together in the works of SH Structures up in North Yorkshire to create several large pieces that will be brought to the site and assembled to make the bridge structure. Turns out it's the same company that supplied the large steel props that hold the Cutty Sark in place.

Photo above is the access at the tower end, I think, with the triangular bits being where the cables will be attached behind the mast (far right in the visualisation at the top).

I think the photo above shows the main deck of the bridge, but it's upside down so that the welders can get access to the joints.

(From Twitter @Mnthorogood)

The pictures above show the equipment that will used to rotate the mast and span of the bridge when it opens and closes. Take a good look as they will probably be hidden away once the bridge is built. The company designing this part of the bridge is Eadon Consulting while the overall design of the bridge is being done by Flint & Neill.

The company building the bridge is Raymond Brown Construction - they have a nice time-lapse film on their website showing the access ramps being built. 


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Thanks Dame. Riveting!

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Very insightful! Cant wait to use it.

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Bravo! Great photos of the ongoing fabrication. Keep up the good work!

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Great post Dame that has been put on the Millennium Quay facebook page too.

Thank you for all you do.