Sunday 17 August 2014

Deptford High Street Community Garden

Next time you walk along Crossfield Street past St Paul's Church, take a peep through the hoardings that currently line it. 

The hoardings fence off a site that Thames Water's contractors are busy digging up, doing ground investigation work for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project which may well take over this green space for several years. If so, it will have a massive impact on traffic in and around Deptford, not to mention the disruption for the neighbouring school and local businesses and residents. The decision on whether this site will be chosen for an access shaft over an alternative on Millennium Quay is expected to be announced next month. 

Before the hoardings!
But right in the middle of all this work, the latest local community effort is taking shape. The willow circle, which was originally created to demonstrate the size of the shaft that Thames Water want to build, is now leased to the Deptford High Street Garden Association for creation of a community garden which will be open to all, at least for the time being.

The last couple of weeks, local volunteers have been building raised beds and filling them with soil, ready to plant them up with herbs, vegetables and flowers ready for the winter season.

Nine tonnes of soil was shifted by shovel and wheelbarrow, and four of the eight beds are now finished. 

The next step will involve fund-raising for additional soil, plants and seeds - all donations and suggestions welcome. The group will also be holding a planting party in the near future - watch out for updates or email to join the mailing list.


Lewisham Gardens said...

Such a lovely space for a 'meanwhile garden.
They've missed the deadline for the 'Small and Faith' fun but if they haven't already, they should definitely get in touch with their Community First group and the Evelyn Assembly fund.
Evelyn Assembly coordinator:

Deptford Dame said...

Thanks LG, that could be very helpful

Just. Hangsing said...

Oh wow. Bravo for the team who organised this really impressive and great work!!!