Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Creekside consultations

Consultation on two major schemes/proposals which could have a dramatic effect on the Creekside area are due to take place/start this week.

The first relates to plans to redevelop the Faircharm estate, which I have written about previously, while the second comes from Lewisham Council and is a proposal to create a new designated conservation area on Creekside.

Faircharm owner Workspace is holding an onsite drop-in session tomorrow afternoon and evening to consult over its redevelopment plans, while the council is about to launch its public consultation process for the Creekside conservation area.

Crosswhatfields has more details of both of these here.


Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm the High Street has been a conservation area for more than ten years. but the shopfronts are not conserved, windows patterns are not conserved, the build height and build line is not conserved. Why is Lewisham spending money from the public purse on failing to conserve already established conservation areas? Surely there should be attention on establishing effective strategies before creating more conservation areas?

Anonymous said...

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