Friday, 23 December 2011

Betfred application turned down for a second time

While it's by no means the end of the saga, it's good to get news just before Christmas that Betfred's second application to open a betting shop on Deptford High Street has been turned down by Lewisham Council.

The previous application to open a betting shop in the former Halifax bank property was turned down earlier this year, after the planning inspectorate ruled that the change of use was allowed, but specifically excluded betting shops from this reclassification.

Betfred since submitted another application for change of use to allow a betting shop, arguing that the inspector's decision was unfair. With the application refused by the council, they will no doubt appeal again, so watch this space.


Sky London said...

I really really really hope NO more betting shops open up on the high street. Hate them.


T J said...

Couldn't agree more. Great decision. Close down the rest while they're at it! No more groups of foul mouthed men hanging roudn outside letching at women making everyone feel uncomfortable.