Tuesday 5 April 2011

Work starts on Deptford station

I meant to post this at the weekend, having noticed the hoardings going up, but real life got in the way before I had chance to nip down and take a photo.

I'm delighted to see that the obligatory sod has now been turned for a photo op. It looks like this was taken round the south side of the station, although the hoardings I saw first are actually on the north side of the viaduct. Site cabins and more fencing have appeared on the south side of the viaduct too so it looks like we are actually off this time!

The press release promises it will be completed in 'spring 2012'. It also promises that local residents will be informed of any out of hours work 'well in advance'. (Volker Fitzpatrick if you are reading this please note that as someone who is likely to be affected by this I expect 'well in advance' to be AT LEAST a fortnight! And if not, don't be surprised to find me down there in my slippers haranguing your staff.)

Lewisham council's contribution to the cost of the work is almost £5 million, with just £2 million contributed via the DfT-backed National Stations Improvement Programme.

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit bemused as to why Lewisham Council is paying (so much!) to rebuild a station that belongs to Network Rail.

Left to right: Ken Falano (Volker Fitzpatrick); Jim Munro (Volker Fitzpatrick); Steve Diplock (Network Rail), Rt Hon Joan Ruddock MP; Cllr Alan Smith (Lewisham Council) celebrate the start of work to upgrade Deptford station

For your delectation, here's the full press release from Network Rail:

Lewisham Deptford MP, Rt Hon Joan Ruddock, joined Network Rail and the deputy mayor of Lewisham council to mark the start of major upgrade of Deptford station which will improve accessibility and the overall travelling experience for passengers.

Ms Ruddock said: “This is a very happy day for me. After years of complaints from residents I set up a Deptford Station roundtable to bring all the rail operators, developers and council together. After a decade of campaigning it’s happening at last. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.”

Dave Ward, Network Rail’s route director for Kent, said: “Providing easier access and better facilities at stations is a vital part of building a bigger and better railway to better meet the needs of passengers and businesses. The improvements to Deptford will bring long-lasting benefits for the passengers who use it for more than 700,000 journeys every day.”

Alan Smith, deputy mayor and cabinet member for regeneration at Lewisham Council, said: “The new railway station is a key element in our plans for Deptford’s regeneration. The idea is not only to update and upgrade the station for the benefit of local residents and businesses but also to create an excellent first impression for people visiting this increasingly attractive part of the borough.

“We plan to install lifts, glass facades, improve lighting and extend canopies to provide better protection from the weather. The station will lead onto a new public space created on the site of the currently-derelict station yard off Deptford High Street. This will allow access to the Victorian railway arches which will be converted to provide studio space for local artists.”

The upgrade, which is being funded jointly by Lewisham Council and through the national stations improvement programme includes:

- Constructing a new station building, including modern ticket office, accessible ticket window and improved passenger information.

- Installing two new lifts to create step-free access between the station entrance and platforms. The existing stairways will also be refurbished to make them easier to use

- Extending the canopies along both platforms so passengers can wait under cover during bad weather

The station and key facilities will remain open to passengers with minimal disruption throughout the construction.

The work, which is being delivered by Volker Fitzpatrick on behalf of Lewisham Council, is expected to be completed by spring 2012. Jim Munro, contracts manager at Volker Fitzpatrick, said: “We are delighted to be starting work at Deptford Station. The new, modern entrance will significantly improve accessibility for local residents and visitors, whilst the sensitive restoration of the arches and carriage ramp, which date back to the 1830’s, will also ensure the station retains some of its rich history.

“Some night time works will be required when we need to work on the railway line itself; this must be done at a time to minimise train disruption. Local residents will be informed of any out of hours works well in advance.”

Vince Lucas, service delivery director, Southeastern, added: “This new development is great news for passengers using Deptford. The new station will not only help those using the station but also for the local community and will help attract regeneration to the area. Being only 10 minutes from Cannon Street the whole area is set for a boost.”

The national stations improvement programme is a £150m Department for Transport-backed rail industry scheme to enhance 150 medium sized stations in England and Wales. Typically the initiative responds to the key needs of passengers, to provide safe, secure and comfortable stations, and provide suitable information.


Sue said...

Fantastic news, Dame. Am I having a senior moment or is there actually a START DATE?

Deptford dame said...

No Sue, it's NOW!

Sue said...

Good. In celebration I've just posted some pix I took of the station in 2003, which was pretty much my experience in the last weekend of March 2011.

If people still have to use these stairs for a while during the works, I think a show of good faith by Volker Fitzpatrick et al would be to pressure clean them (no matter the cost)...

Lara said...

AMAZING. I was wondering why loads of yellow spray paint had been sprayed on the station platform when I went through Deptford this morning.

Lots of circles with crosses through them, very exciting! :).

thisisengland said...

More history being swept away forever. The problems with Deptford Station relate to the lack of staff and lack of local pride. A new station won't change this.

Jenny said...

will the green space adjacent to the trains to london platform survive? It would be great to incorporate a garden into the new plans or at least a green space.

Deptford dame said...

@jenny unlikely I'm afraid - the new building will be located slightly west from the existing station building, where the green area currently resides - this morning they were busy preparing to put up hoardings and digging the earth out.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to volker fitzpatrick for taking on such a challenging project .. Cant wait for the rebuild to be completed it is so needed . the station is falling apart . Also thankyou for the advance warnings and notices warning residents and the public of the works you are doing . .well done volker fitzpatrick

Anonymous said...

Hats of to volker fitzpatrick for taking on such a challenging project cant wait for the rebuild to be completed . . Also thankyou for all the warnings and notices for your work taken place very grateful . . Keep up the fantastic work guys

Anonymous said...

Hats off to volker fitzpatrick for taking on such a challenging project i can not wait for the new station to open . also would like to say thank you to volker fitzpatrick for all the advance warnings and updates of your work taking place . . as a resident of deptford im sure the public will leave you alone to get on with the rebuild as this new clean safe station is for the general public best interest . . thanks again ..nikki barton

Anonymous said...

i am happy that they are finally sorting out the station and hopefully that will include decreasing the gap between the train and platform 1 but as i live right next 2 the station and work nites im slowly getting fed up of the noise of a the drilling and banging that starts about 7 each morning an don't stop till late