Wednesday 6 April 2011

Deptford station refurbishment; open day fail!

So, just 24 hours after my plea to contractor Volker Fitzpatrick to be a good neighbour during the reconstruction of the station, they announce their first community event.

According to the official press release from Lewisham Council:
"The majority of construction work will take place from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday and 8am-1pm on Saturdays. Some night work will be necessary but any residents likely to be affected will be kept informed.

In order to help answer residents’ enquiries, VolkerFitzpatrick has organised an Open Day on Friday 8 April from 10am-4pm. The Open Day will take place at Unit 4, Titan Business Estate, Finch Street, SE8 and will also provide an opportunity to view drawings, plans and a model of the new station."
(That should be Ffinch St by the way).

An open day to be held on a weekday between 10am and 4pm. With 36 hours' notice. Nice one. I do hope this is not a sign of things to come.


The Grim Reaper said...

Why does the word afterthought spring to mind?

Monkeyboy said...

Give them lots of shit! I work for LU and im involved with the work at thameslink farringdon. These companies will try and mitigate any problems but they are like a supertanker on a set course, they need lots of prodding before they do anything. Hopefully Joan can post a letter on some House of Commons headed paper? she's a bit erm... Underemployed at the mo. Sadly I suspect that lewisham may not have the resource or experience to hold them to account. NetworkRail hold evening events in the farringdon area, it's a much bigger job obviously but no reason why it can't be done here.

n. said...

I turned up to this having been alerted to it by my a chance meeting in the street. Apparently there were leaflets but none reached anyone around the back of the site in deptford project land (profuse apologies from Dorian, the man in charge) but they only had one at the event as well (which they gave to the other person there - someone was "printing some more" but when they got back after a long wait and I wanted some for my neighbours she had 2!)
anyway ... what i gleaned from being there: No access through site to deptford project area - fair enough but perhaps not what some had been told before - "if there's a fire of course you can phone us"
some night works later this month and up to May 15. Pile drivers in for 14 days from 5th May (pbably 1 week south side of station 1 week north. All night and weekend wor to coincide with Railtrack closures so rail services not disrupted. Hope that helps.

yvonne order said...

the Deptford High Street association together with the majority of residents and all the businesses have been campaigning for the new station for 6years
We are all pleased that at last something BIG is happening for the people of Deptford. We are also very impressed with the contractors.

Anonymous said...

why we can't keep the old station and use it purposefully. artists studios, cafe, shop, offices.....wher is creative lewisham in all this. the station could be a club gallery. imagine the satir case as hanging space!

stupid lack of opportunity not to keep the old building. and a waste of materials..blah blah.
come on someone claim the station for your future.
it might be free!