Monday 18 April 2011

Crafty weekend 17-19 June

This year is Cockpit Arts' 25th anniversary, and they are celebrating with a number of events, one of which is FREE ENTRY to the summer open studios weekend at the Deptford studios on 17-19 June.

Normally a modest admission charge is made on the weekend days, but this year everyone will get the chance to get in for free. It's also worth making a trip up to Holborn the weekend prior to this, to visit the open day at the other Cockpit Arts studios - also free!

They have plenty of things planned for the open studios, full details here.

Meanwhile plans are afoot at neighbouring Faircharm to host another Faircharm Fair the same weekend, following the successful event that was held just before christmas. Jeweller Herve Boscher is involved with organisation and is inviting local crafters who are interested in taking a stall to contact him by email at More details about the event are here.

If any of the other local arts or crafts organisations has plans to piggy-back the same weekend, do let me know either by email or in the comments.

Meanwhile I'll be marking the date in my diary and saving up some pennies to spend on lovely crafty things!

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Faircharm Spring Fair said...

Dear Deptford Dame,

The organisers of the Faircharm Spring Fair 2011, would like to thank you for already mentioning the Spring Fair. (18th/19th June.)

The Fair aims to provide local artists and designer-makers, who are not necessarily based in artists studios on Creekside, an affordable platform to showcase and sell their work.

Not only does the Fair help to liven-up Creekside as a destination and day-out for visitors, but it especially provides new local artists with a 'taster' of what it is like to be part of one of the many studio collectives on Creekside. Some of last years exhibitors never "packed-up" and joined a studio.
Our kind friends at Faircharm Workspace and the newly opened 'Creekside Cafe, are all part of the Fair and determined to help us make it a success.

The Dame, who has already reviewed the Creekside cafe, we think, agrees that the cafe is a great place to 'hang-out' and surely will become the social-heart of all things Creekside.
The Dame's very first review of the cafe was outspoken, on the subject of "Pop-Up" cafe's in Deptford and such a cafe at our last Christmas Fair.
We, the Fair organisers are very pleased that the Creekside Cafe, after its first appearance at our Fair, has now with great success 'popped-in' and is to stay at Faircharm Studios. The cafe walls, make a great gallery space for monthly changing artist exhibitions and the cafe is open mon-sat.

Once again, this Spring, we hope to be the Fair where new local artists and designers will be welcomed by the established studios on Creekside and perhaps seen as their potential new members and tenants. As they might well again decide to stay. (Local studios often have vacant studio spaces to fill up.) This makes it an excellent opportunity to network and at the same time is a 'try-out' for new artists and designers.

The Fair is now closed for applications,(Waiting list only, sorry you have to be quick!) but we are still looking for more performing artists, who would like to take to the outdoor/covered stage of the Creekside Cafe, to show (for free) their talent on Creekside.

We will be keeping the Deptford Dame informed and have already invited her as our friend on Facebook: Faircharm Fair Deptford.

Thank you for mentioning the Faircharm Spring Fair and please feel welcome on the day.

On behalf of the organisers,

For more information, please contact: