Sunday, 27 March 2011

The London Particular, New Cross

This bijoux little cafe on New Cross Road has been open for some time now, but aside from trying out some of their cakes as a takeout, I haven't had the opportunity to check out their menu properly. If you are heading towards New Cross from Deptford, it's just beyond New Cross Station on the same side of the road.

Up till recently it was daytime hours only, but the cafe has now started opening on Sunday evenings from 6.30-10pm - booking recommended!

Myself and the geezer popped in for a brunch over the weekend and sampled the vegetarian bruschetta and a bacon buttie, washed down with some excellent coffee. Both meals were superior nosh - the vegetarian bruschetta consisted of a thick slice of tasty bread (rye I think) topped with strips of roasted peppers, a few whole mushrooms beautifully browned and caramelised, some crumbled feta cheese and a generous scattering of rocket. Very filling and very tasty. The bacon was served in doorstep-size sourdough bread, well-deserving of the 'buttie' moniker in my opinion.

As well as the tables out front, and a large communal country-kitchen-sized table in the back of the cafe, there are a number of small perching counters along the wall which are still big enough to eat at. Specials are chalked on a blackboard above the dividing wall; one each side so you can see them from the back of the cafe too. As well as breakfasty things they offer a daily 'warm sandwich' special, a soup of the day and a main course which I think was beef and prune tagine, at around about the £8 mark.

I hesitate to describe the decor as 'shabby chic' because although that's probably what it is, the phrase suggests a certain level of pretentiousness which is entirely absent from the London Particular. I love the fact that there are water jugs on every table and the staff bring you a glass without needing to ask; and that the sugar bowls are made of old treacle tins and the sugar spoons are wooden.

The service is not rapid, with staff having to deal with takeouts and prepare for the lunchtime menu while also getting orders out, but considering the quality of the food and the fact that it is all made up fresh, it stacks up to an acceptable speed.

The London Particular
399 New Cross Road
SE14 6LA
020 8692 6149

Mon-Fri: 8-5
Sat: 10-5
Sun: 10am-10pm

Bowl Food Cafe in New Cross Serving healthy, fresh, tasty Bowls...big bowls, small bowls, deep bowls, shallow bowls Delicious Higgins Coffee, with our own unique 'Particular' blend Home-baked cakes, fresh brioche & cookies

Twitter: @theparticular


Anonymous said...

It is a gem of a place, and the lass who runs it should get a medal for services to food. I've been going in for lunch about once a week since it opened - present fave is the tagine, which I would happily eat two of one after the other. Hats off..

Tá Na Deptford said...

I love this place! Only problem is it is literally JUST opposite my flat- it's nice when i want to get out the house to pop in for a drink but yesterday i was so desperate for some nice coffee when i was working from home- i went in, got a double expresso to go, came home, and drank it from here. If i don't want to end up completely broke his must stop! I need to either by some decent coffee or they should get W-fi!