Sunday 6 February 2022

Bread & Butler's Deptford tenure cut short by redevelopment plans

As an avid fan and occasional purchaser of Bread & Butler's cardamom buns, the news that the Creekside bakery is not reopening was a big disappointment to me. 

Bread & Butler

Since Bread & Butler set up home in the old Medina Building at 3 Creekside it has become much loved for its great quality bread and waistband-busting morning goods.

It was also one of three tenants that Creekside developer Artworks proudly proffered in its ongoing consultation on development of the site opposite the baker's home as proof of how it is establishing a new 'creative' community. 

"Our plans for 2 Creekside build upon the emerging context that the Borough has for Creekside. The character along the Creekside is changing, and Artworks have already invested over the past 5 years in building up a creative business community in the immediate local area. We want to build upon the work we’ve already done, sustaining and growing our creative business community in line with Deptford’s changing market demands."

But while Artworks is keen to boast about the presence of well-loved tenants, claims about supporting them long-term are now ringing rather hollow.

Bread & Butler wanted to renew their lease with a term of at least five years, to make it viable to invest in the business and improve the facilities and space they were using. 

But the bakery's announcement of the permanent closure stated: "with only a short term lease on offer and a production space that is no longer fit for purpose, I’ve had to call our time at 3 Creekside to an end." 

Although no planning application has yet been submitted, the site is certainly in line for redevelopment, as the map above and renderings below show. Architect Maith Design, responsible for the outline plans for 2 Creekside has also been scoping out Artworks' other parcel of land - and the corner site where Artworks studios reside also figures in this 'masterplan'.

The 'masterplan' also shows development on 5-9 Creekside which currently houses studios and other businesses  

The architect states: Forming part of a masterplanned approach to repurposing two key sites within Deptford, Creekside 3 will be a striking development of residential apartments on the upper floors set above generously proportioned commercial units activating the ground floor.  The development looks to address the intricate issues of scale and massing relating to the local context whilst taking the opportunity of being the link building between the new developments of Creekside 1 and Creekside 5-9 which sit on either side.

View along Creekside with the Medina building on the right

According to the initial scope, Artworks want to build a 'mixed residential and commercial' development on the site of its 'creative community', including 60 apartments. 

Proposed development showing existing Medina building in the foreground

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