Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Deptford Deli launches evening menu

Great news for foodies in Deptford, with the Deptford Deli launching an evening menu starting this week.

Recent developments along the road in New Cross made me start to think that I would have to regularly gravitate westwards for evening meals out, so I was delighted to hear that the Deptford Deli will now be opening late for fine(r) dining.

(Incidentally I only added the 'r' in the last sentence because the standard of dining is already pretty fine in my experience!)

The menu promises to be a carefully-selected and regularly-changing mix of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes - four or five starters, mains and desserts to choose from.

For example if you pop down there on Thursday the menu offering will include starters such as steamed mussels with garlic, parsley and lemon (£5/£10 as a main) or homemade chicken liver and madeira pate with sourdough bread and chutney (£5); mains including homemade scottish beef burger with wedges, winter slaw and homemade mayo on homemade burger bread (£9), or marinated tofu steak, shitake mushrooms, kai lan, broth and pho (£8). The thought of Yorkshire rhubarb crumble with cream (£4) is actually making my mouth water at the moment although I could be equally tempted by the Mons cheese platter and homemade medlar cheese with oatcakes (£5).

There's also great news from a space point of view - if you've lunched in the Deli you'll know that it's always a bit of a lottery as to whether or not you will get a seat, since there are only a few tables.

(Picture courtesy Deptord Deli)

The basement has just been refurbished and opened up, offering a lot more space for dining. This sounds very promising for the evening trade; an intimate atmosphere which is not quite as intimate as having to share your table with strangers...!

And yes, I'm glad you asked me that: the Deli is licensed to sell alcohol!

New opening hours on Wed - Fri are 12 till 4pm, then evenings 6pm-10pm.

On Saturdays the deli will be open 10am till 10pm, and on Sunday from 12-5pm.
Directions and contact details here.


Unknown said...

Yay! This is great, I'm excited. Hope the vegetarian option will be vegan-friendly too.

shipwright's palace said...

looking forward to this too!

Keith said...

I had nothing in the cupboard on Thursday night so went to the deli for diner.

It was great - like having home cooking without having to cook (well, better than home cooking in my case)!


Anonymous said...

I popped in yesterday (Sat) morning for a coffee. First time and inspired by this site. Very nice place and staff - will certainly return when I am around that way next time.

ellie said...

Its such good food and such a lovely atmosphere. The fish of the day is so beautiful. I had sea bass last night it was yummy. My friend had the steak and kidney pudding and it was amazing also. Someone else had an amazing veggie Moroccan Tagine which looked and smelt amazing!! Try the treacle tart, its like sitting in your mums kitchen as a kid all over again!! xx

Anonymous said...

I've been very impressed with the food & drinks I've tried at the deli so far. I had a lovely meal finished off with some rhubarb crumble there on friday night and it was delicious. It's also worth popping in for a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice after hitting the saturday market.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if this place has closed down?