Wednesday 12 May 2010

Urban screen 19th May: SUS

Urban Screen at the Albany Theatre in Deptford is showing the newly-released film SUS in a special screening next Wednesday.

"1979 Election Night, as Thatcher comes into power. SUS takes place on that very night, when Delroy (Clint Dyer: Unknown White Male, Sahara) is being interrogated about his pregnant wife who has been found dead in a pool of blood. With all the evidence stacking up against him, Delroy continually refuses to confess. He suffers a night of callous humiliation at the hands of two racist coppers (Ralph Brown: The Crying Game, Withnail & I, Rafe Spall, The Calcium Kid, Hot Fuzz), both high on the impending Conservative landslide victory, and more concerned with the outcome of the election than establishing the truth.

Written in 1979 by Barrie Keefe (The Long Good Friday) and based on a true story, SUS is a powerful cry against institutional racism, which is as relevant today as ever. Instead of SUS ("suspect under suspicion"), there is "stop and search" under Section 44 of the Terrorist Act of 2000."

Urban Screen will be showing the film in a special screening on 19th May @ 7pm at the Albany in Deptford. The event includes a panel discussion with main actor Clint Dyer, Barrie Keeffe (tbc), Duwayne Brooks and Benjamin Zephaniyah.

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