Friday, 7 May 2010

Supermarket Shakespeare

I wouldn't normally encourage my readers to go to the supermarket, but if you are looking for a more stimulating trip to the aisles this weekend, try putting a bit of Supermarket Shakespeare into your trolley (metaphorically speaking of course).

"Inspired by Sonnet 23, six performers will create contemporary characters that have intertwining stories and these will be performed all around the supermarket," it says on the Teatro Vivo website.

If I hadn't stayed up nearly all night watching election coverage, at this point I like to think I would be able to insert some clever puns and witty banter connecting the two.

As it is, you'll have to make do with the bare facts:

Sainsbury's New Cross
Friday 7 May, 7pm
Saturday 8 May, 12pm and 6pm
Sunday 9 May, 12pm and 3pm

Sainsbury's Lewisham (in the shopping centre)
Tuesday 11 May, 6.45pm
Wednesday 12 May, 6.45pm
Thursday 13 May, 6.45pm
Friday 14 May, 6.45pm
Saturday 15 May, 12pm & 6pm
Sunday 16 May, 12pm & 3pm


CarolineLD said...

Thank you for this: I went along this evening, and it was really enjoyable (you can't often say that for a trip to the supermarket).

Robin Tudge said...

Hmm! My fiancee saw a 'performance' and said it was worse than 12th Night at the Galleon.