Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Eat Meet supperclub

'Deptford borders' (New Cross/Brockley if you're being precise) is getting its own supperclub as from next month, when Julie & Sophie will be hosting the first 'Eat Meet Supperclub' at Julie's house.

If you're not familiar with this phenomena, where have you been? Basically it involves members of the public opening up their homes to cook meals for total strangers; usually at a very reasonable price compared to eating out at a restaurant. Blackheath's Savoy Truffle Supperclub even made it into the top ten supperclubs as voted by the Times last year. While the idea of being a host leaves me cold, the prospect of someone else cooking me dinner while I get to have a nosy in their house a la Come Dine With Me, is rather more attractive.

Anyway, here's what Julie says about Eat Meet Supperclub:

"It happens monthly in my home in Brockley / New Cross / Telegraph Hill. It'll be for 'everyone' one month, and for singles the next. Each event will be food-themed and the £25 donation includes three, four or five courses (depending on the cuisine), a cocktail on arrival and you can bring your own booze (no corkage). If the weather's good, it'll in in our sunny garden.
It'll be on Saturday nights, and we've just released the first two dates, so to book, please email Sophie at"

Forthcoming dates are:
Saturday 26th June – everyone welcome (foodie theme 'summery euro mash-up')
Saturday 17th July – straight singles (foodie theme 'Abigail's party retro classics')

Like any self-respecting venture these days they have a blog and a facebook group

If you go along, do feel free to report back!

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