Friday 6 June 2008

Cafe news: good and bad

Well, the good news is that The Deptford Project will be opening next Monday. You can find out more about this colourful carriage cafe by visiting the website where you can see a cute video about how the train carriage was brought to the site, and learn that they will be opening SEVEN days a week, from 7.30am on a weekday (YAY for decent coffee on the way to the train station!). They will be open on Sundays too, which is great news for the high street - presumably because the new market will also be there on a Sunday.

They are promising home-made food using locally-sourced ingredients, and bespoke furniture. I'm looking forward to seeing the interior - I love the new exterior, it's colourful and witty without being pretentious, and apparently the interior is done by the same folks.

Unfortunately, I also have bad news to report. Our wonderful cafe down the other end of the street, Deptford Properly, has closed! I don't know the full details as yet - there have been rumours they had some flooding problems - but I will be off down there tomorrow to see if I can find out. It certainly can't be lack of trade, it was always busy when I went in there.

If it's gone for good, this will be a dreadful loss for Deptford. Their food, teas and cakes were of exceptionally high standard, and it was a wonderful place to relax and meet people.


Deep Ford said...

Is there any further news on why this wonderful cafe has closed?

Please say it will open again soon!

DDKK said...

From what I've heard, it's irreversible. The couple who ran it had a lot of problems with flooding in the basement, and could not resolve the issue with the landlord, who wanted them to pay for repairs. They have apparently moved out now, although I think they still have the keys at the moment, since there's a few Utrophia events going on in the next week or two. see