Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Made in Deptford - a moan

Our lovely home-grown festival 'Made in Deptford' has traditionally suffered from an appalling lack of publicity. Last year wasn't too bad, since they tied it to the Tour de France coming through the borough, hence the dates were set well ahead of the usual schedule. This year, unfortunately, it seems to have surpassed itself. Today I found out that it is being held on 5/6 July (less than two weeks' time), but only by total chance!

Where are the posters in the shops, local cafes and on lamp posts? How the hell do they expect to attract people to events without advertising? I realise that the organisers are probably scraping around trying to find funding, but how much effort does it take to print a few hundred posters and flyers and take them down the high street?

I've already committed myself to something else on Saturday, so looks like I'm only going to get chance to get to the festival on the Sunday.

Incidentally, don't go to the website looking for a programme, as there is very little information there. However I did see a solitary poster yesterday lunchtime in the Deptford Project cafe, perhaps this is your best stop for information!

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Anonymous said...

ive seen loads of posters about MiD events in the shops - a procession and village fete are happening this year? I know the event is organised by a community committee, perhaps they are over stretched and under funded - give them a break guys, its a tough thing organising a festival

Johnny Evelyn