Sunday 25 May 2008

Help! My butchers ate my cafe!

When we are both in Deptford on a Saturday morning, the first debate of the day is usually about where to eat our breakfast - yours or mine? We both have our favourite cafe - mine is the old retainer, Selecta Cafe (wins on its black pudding and poached eggs) while the Geezer's is the new pretender Kellie G's (doesn't even serve black pudding - shame!).

But this weekend he was in for a bit of a shock. After the first shock of me agreeing to eat breakfast in Kellie G's, we then tried to find it! Seems the brand new cafe with its gleaming tiles and shiny seats had been swallowed up without a trace by its neighbour!

For non-locals, the left hand side of this shop was formerly Kellie G's (opened no more than 6 months ago after a total refit).

Deptford High St is now back down to two greasy spoons - a disappointing scenario for a busy shopping street in Sarf East London. We don't count the one near the station cos it serves 'turkey rashers' rather than bacon, and lamb sausages. I don't know what, if anything, they offer in place of black pudding.

But never mind, what the street lacks in cafes, it makes up for in butchers and wet fish shops, of which more later.

Meanwhile, our new cafe is taking shape slowly but surely. There is now a high, sturdy-looking fence around the carriage (not the one shown here on the right, I'm talking about the one I'm taking the picture through!). It has new graffiti as shown.

And on the other side, a serving hatch, door, and large decking area which hopefully we'll be able to use when the sun decides to shine!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I passed that carriage when I was on Deptford high street on Wednesday night and wondered what it was all about. Now I know.

Kake said...

Hello! I just tried to post a comment on one of your older posts, but I don't think it worked. Could you drop me a line at please, and I'll send it along to you? It's about the boundaries of Deptford, and Google maps, and general noodling about "where things are".