Saturday, 15 September 2007

More Deptford X

Deptford X: the station looking a bit brighter than usual...

... half of the not-entirely successful installation by Helen Palling in Giffin Square. Despite their colour, the two items are rather dwarfed by the ugly colonade and the scale of the square..

... Via Dolorosa by Bea Denton - winner of the MacDonald Egan Award apparently. I haven't seen the benches by Leanne Bell but I suspect Via Dolorosa may prove the most impressive of a fairly underwhelming bunch. I'm not sure how the contenders were nominated, but I have to say I think some of the other things in the Deptford X lists were more deserving. This at least has the power to provoke debate...

.. and one of the many joke road signs dotted along Creekside. Some are genuinely funny, but the rest of them are a bit too clever-clever and obviously aimed at graphic designers.

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