Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Deptford Design Festival/Deptford X

If you get chance to spend some time in Deptford this weekend, make sure you check out some of the events in the Deptford Design Festival. Unfortunately the website is rather vague about what is happening where - I couldn't find any kind of programme - but much of it seems to be focussed on Cockpit Arts and the Faircharm estate, so I would guess Creekside is the place to be.

If you can't get along this weekend, do try and make it to the Royal Festival Hall from 15th to 25th September, to see the outcome of the Deptford Design Market Challenge. This is an absolutely inspired idea from Raw Nerve, in which they took 27 objects bought from Deptford's junk market and asked 27 different designers to transform these discarded objects into things of beauty or function. They have come up with some fascinating results - some more successful than others - and even if you can't get to see the objects at the exhibition, the website is well worth a look. Click on each of the items and you get to see the 'before and after' makeover photos, sometimes several of each.

I particularly liked the sofa that had been transformed using old teatowels, and the jigsaw that was made fiendishly difficult by photographing the pieces and then making the photograph into a second jigsaw. Even my gran, the queen of jigsaws, might struggle with that!

***NEWS JUST IN - UPDATED DEPTFORD X WEBSITE lots of info about this weekend's events***

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