Monday, 1 October 2007

Love thy neighbour

Last weekend, the Geezer and I strolled down Deptford High Street for our customary Saturday breakfast before departing on holiday to Devon for a week.

Before leaving the 'hood, I drove to the local garage to fill up the car with petrol; it was at this point that I discovered the loss of my bank card. Gone, vamoosh, no longer in my wallet!

Thinking back I realised that I must have dropped it in the market after I'd taken some money out of the cashpoint. I vaguely remembered not having wedged it back in the wallet as firmly as I should have.

Hence my panic. I rushed back to the house, got on the phone to the bank and reported it missing, presumed lost. After taking my details, the chap at the other end cheerfully informed me: 'Oh yes, in fact someone's already rung in to say that they've found it!'

I rest my case.

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