Thursday, 26 May 2016

The river Ravensbourne in Brookmill Park

I came across this short film by Elly Hazael (@ehazael) yesterday, and loved it.

The quiet, slow movements and lives of the birds and the gently flowing water of the Ravensbourne as it drifts through Brookmill Park are set against the backdrop of the rattle of the DLR, passing lorries and the detritus of an urban river. It's magical and soothing, with its soundtrack of birdsong and water rippling over stones.

It always fascinates me to see how these shy birds carry on with their lives tucked among such densely-populated parts of the city.

The cycle route between Deptford and Lewisham is shunned by many as it winds back and forth through the park and there's a much quicker, direct route on the road, but for me the chance to catch a glimpse into this kind of gentle scene always outweighs the need to get there quicker.


Anonymous said...

love it, thanks

fred aylward said...

I love this film.Thank you.