Thursday, 19 May 2016

More coffee coming to Deptford

If they were betting shops we'd be petitioning the council about clustering. But they are coffee shops and we're set to get even more, so prepare for hyper-caffeination Deptford!

Contrary to rumours that have been circulating for some time, Deptford's obligatory station coffee shop is not going to be a Costa after all, but small south-east London chain Mouse Tail that is branching out south east from uber-hip Borough High Street and Whitechapel to take up residence here.

From south to north I count the following among those doing 'proper' coffee:
- Vinyl (ok not quite on the high street but almost)
- London Velo
- The Amber Tree (not really in the same league coffee wise)
- The Waiting Room
- Deli X

There's also cafes in the Deptford Lounge and the Albany, you can swing round to the Greenhouse at the top of Watson St for an excellent brew, and don't forget the Dungarees coffee van on market days. But it seems we just can't get enough...


Anonymous said...

Had to chuckle when the old Halifax premises recently became a branch of Card Factory – possibly the antithesis of gentrification...

Meanwhile, Rightmove's coffee-shop index has one-bed flats at £354k and 2-bed at £494k.

Transpontine said...

Mousetail have a coffee van/stall by Canada Water station and run a café in the library on Borough High Street, very good coffee.