Wednesday 28 May 2014

Wellbeloved; Deptford's most-loved butcher and possibly the world's best pies

Thrilled to have been sent a link to a video made by local resident and Wellbeloved customer Stewart Morgan about Bill's awesome steak pies. The film meanders into other issues from time to time but the steak pie is very much at the centre of the story, only playing second fiddle to the ever-humble Bill.

Favourite moments for me are Bill's recital of the pie fillings - I never tire of hearing it - and the guest  appearance of the pied wagtail that can often be seen pecking around outside the shops on the bottom of Tanner's Hill.

My original ode to Bill's pies can be found way back in 2007.


Chris said...

Wow! Great little film, many thanks for the link. I'm off there right now!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Bill's. A true gentleman and a fantastic butcher.

Anonymous said... this blog, but sometimes this business of "'cause its local it must be great" gets on my nerves. Home-made pies eh? canned mushrooms and shop bought pastry?

Cathy kirby said...

Anonymous do you know they are canned mushrooms and shop bought pastry????? Perhaps that's how you make your pies, and what's so wrong to support local traders, or should we just let tessa Cohen take over the universe !!!!!!!! Carry on well beloved, obviously got it totally right

shanx2002 said...

Sadly closed down as of last weekend