Sunday, 4 May 2014

Another new pub on the way - Fuller's to open on New Capital Quay.

It's still a year hence (at least they are being realistic with their estimates, unlike Antic!) but news reaches me of a new pub planned for East Deptford*.

A press release states:
'Fuller, Smith & Turner PLC, the London brewer and premium pub company, has completed the purchase of two new freehold sites on the banks of the River Thames. A site in Fulham Reach will open later in 2014 and a second new site in Greenwich will open in early 2015. 

The Greenwich site is located close to the Cutty Sark and is Fuller’s second site in Greenwich**. It is part of the New Capital Quay development and will be called The Sail Loft. It is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2015 and will include riverside terraces with views over the River Thames and across to Canary Wharf.'

The pub will be on the Thames waterfront part of the development - presumably the anonymous-looking bar on this rendering - and provide a stopping off point for people walking or cycling along the river path and over the new footbridge.

*oh alright, West Greenwich if you prefer
** I had to look this up - the other is the Pilot on Greenwich Peninsula


Anonymous said...

I wondered why Fuller's didn't have a pub in central Greenwich. Not too exciting really - their pubs are pretty dull places.

Let's hope Greenwich council's 'saturation policy' doesn't kill it though. Afterall, it is a pub in a major town centre and there's a couple of others within a few hundred metres. Clearly completely inappropriate. It just could lead to massive social disorder.

Bill Ellson said...

When Fullers refer to themselves as a 'premium pub company' they are referring to their exorbitant prices and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

regarding *
East of the creek is not part of the disputed area, it has a proper se10 postcode :)

Rob E. said...

Lol, yes, NCQ is part of West Greenwich. And lets thank them for that bridge. I'll enjoy running and cycling more now.

Tony said...

In defence of Fullers; they have at least acknowledged that the pub scene has had some serious changes in recent years. The Parcel Yard in Kings X is their showcase of where they are heading. It's not bad for a PubCo place. Or, more interestingly, the Union Tavern at Westbourne Pk is a great pub. Very now, hip, craft etc.