Saturday, 1 December 2012

DIY home insulation workshop

Transition New Cross has organised a 'DIY home insulation workshop' which will take place at the old Tidemill School building on Sunday 2 December. 

The workshop is intended to help residents install DIY measures to reduce heat loss from their homes and learn how they can minimise their energy bills; it has been organised by Transition New Cross, a collective of locals promoting sustainability issues and engagement in the community.

The workshop provides participants with easy to make insulation adjustments for the house and will cover the following topics and techniques:
- temperature management
- curtain making
- DIY door and window sealing
- radiator reflector installation

As well as learning how to apply these to your own home, participants can get hands-on experience by helping to apply them in the venue. Materials will be provided by the organisers and no building skills are required.

The DIY home insulation workshop
Time: 11am to 5pm
Date: 2nd December 2012
Location: Old Tidemill school (Frankham street, SE8 4RN, Deptford)
Organisers: Transition New Cross and Assembly SE8


insulation machines said...

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Jeni Rahab said...
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Kent Harmston said...

I recently had my attic re-blown and now that the temperature has been dropping I've noticed a considerable difference in heat retention. Hopefully my wallet notices the same. Just wished I had known that there were DIY workshops. Probably could have saved me some money.