Friday 7 December 2012

Deptford Community Cookbook and live cooking demos

The Deptford Community Cookbook which I wrote about earlier this year is now on sale, and the organisers behind the project have been launching the book with a series of live cooking demonstrations on Saturdays. Unfortunately the post I scheduled to publish earlier this month did not appear, perhaps due to operator error, but you can still catch the last demo this weekend.

They will be showcasing recipes from the book this Saturday 22nd December from 11.30am to 2pm, in conjunction with Regenerate Deptford High Street (no I've never heard of it either).

Niaomh says: "We are located next to the Codfather fishmonger, there will be free tasters and the book will be for sale for only a tenner! The book is also available for purchase through our website and will be on sale in some local shops."


Just. Hangsing said...

Got a copy!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Can't read it, too trendy typography... I will be returning my copy for a refund.