Monday 9 July 2012

Poundland and the 99p store

It's not as if Deptford is in need of bargain stores, but it seems that when large retail units become available, we have a ready-made bargain-store vacuum that sucks them in.

First of the two giants in Deptford is Poundland, which opened its doors last Friday.

Doors that still don't have planning permission, that is.

The generic design of a cheap and nasty facade with aluminium frames and illuminated signs was refused planning permission by the council some months ago, on the grounds that the shop is in a conservation zone and the developer should make a greater effort with the design of the shop front.

In a move of incredible cynicism and downright contempt for the planning process, the developer simply installed the shop front to the original, rejected design, and then put in a retrospective planning application for the same design.

Perhaps the applicant drew two fingers at the top of the application form and scrawled 'F*ck you Lewisham!' across it, just to make sure the message was received loud and clear?*

Meanwhile at the other end of the street, the former Peacocks is to become a 99p store, and work on the shop unit was starting at the weekend as I passed. With Deptford High Street and the market book-ended by these two stores, I do worry for the survival of some of our shops and stalls.

Not the other pound stores particularly, but those shops that rely on making some money off shifting cheap plastic stuff to help them survive, while selling the other products that set them aside. I'm thinking about Peter & Joan's (haberdashery), Johnny's DIY and our two pharmacists, for example.

All sell things that you can't buy in Poundland or the 99p store, as well as things that you can. If you want to support diversity in the high street, and maintain our market and wide range of shops, please give this some thought when you do your shopping.

*If you want to object to the application by Poundland, the reference number is DC/12/80201 and you should email with your name and full address.


Peter said...
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Anonymous said...

Dame, this is shocking, thanks for the info. I've sent the following letter to the planning people at Lewisham and am happy for people to copy it if they wish (don't forget to include your name and address). After the whole Halifax/bookies victory, let's try again!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Planning application DC/12/80201

I wish to object to the above retrospective application for planning permission by Poundland to install doors and exterior signage on their new Deptford High Street store that were previously rejected by the council.

I find it outrageous that businesses should persist in totally ignoring the council's rulings by flouting any planning permission laws and applying for retrospective permission.

The same thing happened with the Paddy Power branch taking over the Deptford Arms on Deptford High Street - the council turned down their shop front application and Paddy Power installed it anyway. The council has done nothing to remedy this.

As such, and in line with the council's previous ruling against this application on the grounds of the proposed doors and signage not befitting a store in a conservation area, I request that you reject this application by Poundland.

Best wishes,

XXXXX [etc]

Bumpkin said...

Well I popped in today for the first time and was quite impressed. I hold my hands up and say I rarely shop on the High Street but Poundland seemed to be quite nice, clean, airy, and the staff were friendly to me.

I know it may not be popular to say here, but I find the other shops on the High Street quite run down and depressing. Some I'm amazed have not been closed down on health grounds. I'm not sure if their state of disrepair is because their owners don't want to spend money on their property or they are restricted in what they can do being in a conservation zone, but Poundland looks like a breath of fresh air to me.

Some of my money will certainly be spent there in the coming months (money that is not depriving other local shops and would not otherwise have been spent in Deptford).

Yes shops may close but hopefully it will also force the others to up their standards. I am more than happy to use the local shops, but what has been before are sadly lacking (in my opinion).

Remember, before you shout me down - I DO WANT TO SHOP IN DEPTFORD, I just find the existing stores extremely depressing.

time attendant said...

It is very depressing to see Poundland and a 99p store opening.I live on the High Street and love the market but very rarely go in any of the shops, they are all the same, no one needs that much cheap tat!

Anonymous said...

This developer is MacDonald Egan.....who retain/ed the former mayor of Lewisham Dave Sullivan as "regeneration consultant"

Anonymous said...
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Deptford dame said...

@ 'anon' whose latest two comments I have deleted; please keep your comments appropriate to the post.