Sunday 8 July 2012

Giffin Square - public realm?

Lewisham Council's contractors seem to be suffering an ongoing case of 'finish-itis' when it comes to the public realm in Giffin Square.

A certain amount of money has been spent on this part of the redevelopment works, and although the Lounge and Tidemill School have been finished and open for more than six months, this part of the works has remained frustratingly fenced off ever since.

I have no idea why the corner of the square has remained unfinished for so long - I've heard rumours that it's a problem with the utilities. But if that's the case, someone at the council needs to be chasing it up rather than just waiting to get a response and pushing the paperwork to the bottom of the pile.

The mature trees which were carefully planted around the square have been badly neglected - I have no idea whose job it is to water them, but they actually do need watering, even in the inclement weather we've been seeing. But they are not getting watered, and the tree pits are full of broken bits of paving stones and rubbish. It's a sad sight indeed, and if this situation continues we are likely to lose the trees altogether, which would be a shameful waste of public money for want of a bit of care.

Still, it's good to know that the council can get it together to cover up our blushes in time for the arrival of the Olympic Torch in a couple of weeks' time.

The grotty corner of Giffin Square was hoarded off on Saturday to ensure that when the eyes of the world (or whoever happens to be tuning in at that time of day) are on Deptford, they are not offended by the sight of our public realm. Who knows, perhaps they might actually get round to taking down the depressing steel fences too, so that we can get a bit of use out of Giffin Square at some point.

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