Sunday 5 February 2012

Winter picnic on proposed Thames Tunnel site

A combined protest and celebration took place on the site of the proposed Deptford community garden/Thames Tunnel site today.

Campaigners from the group Don't dump on Deptford's heart gathered at midday for a winter picnic - homemade soup and mulled wine, cake and quiche - and a photocall as a reminder that the consultation period for the Thames Tunnel sites ends this Friday 10 February. If you haven't yet sent a letter of objection, now is the time to do it - or you can comment online here. Lewisham Council has also formally stated its objection to the use of this site for an access shaft for the tunnel construction.

Alongside the campaign against the Thames Tunnel shaft, the Deptford High Street Community Garden Association is planning to set up a community garden on the site, and has recently received written notification from the council that it will grant a lease on the site initially for up to three years. As soon as the details have been finalised, and the weather has improved, work on the garden can start - possibly by the end of the month!

If you want to get involved in the community garden you can join the mailing list by sending an email to

Given that the weather was not particularly appropriate to seed planting, the campaigners settled for building a snowman and having a game or two of badminton.


A local said...

The attendees do not look very representative of the multi-ethnic community we have! Where was everyone else??!!!

Anonymous said...

Fair point. If 'a local' would like to make a positive contribution and could organise some other campaign events which are more representative of the multi-ethnic community that would be great and much appreciated. Please get in touch via
The turn-out resulted from a letter sent to those who have expressed an interest to campaigners when canvasing on Deptford High Street, from a post on the Crosswhatfields site and from notifying the adjacent St Paul's.
On the whole it was a really good event. If anyone is interested in the campaign or in the community garden project please contact us via