Sunday 12 February 2012

Open-air Deptford Station

If, like me, you don't use Deptford Station regularly, you may be surprised to find that demolition of the canopy is now complete, and the platforms are a lot lighter and airier as a result. Probably not so good when it's raining but in the sunshine it makes a very pleasant change.

It's difficult to see the progress that has been made until you actually go inside the station, but I believe the station is due to open 1 April, or that was what I was told when work started last year. Full demolition of the existing entrance will then take place.


Anonymous said...

Why demolish the old station? Lovely artists studios support creative Lewisham etc. ??.
BTW and very important, does anyone know where the plaque on the current building ( stating that Deptford is the oldest working railway station 1836) is going to be sited on the new station complex?
I do not know who to ask, but no doubt it will have been thought about ........hummmmmm.
oh, and where have the George Baker cast iron pillars gone? it was said that they were to be re-used.....hummm.

Deptford Dame said...

@anon it's basically the stairs at each side that are being demolished, all the arches etc are staying. As to who to ask about the cast iron pillars and plaque, I would suggest you try the site office which is on the Titan business estate on ffinch st. They have always been quite helpful when I've had cause to knock on the door. Or ring the number at the bottom of the posters that are up in the station. Do let us know what you find.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant - thank you for the information. . The news that the arches at the front of the old station are staying is most welcome as I have protested many times during the consultation that it would be a bonus for them to stay, so obviously it s worth campaigning! That mean of course that the plaque will stay too as it is attached to the facade.
thanks again for all the wonderful work you do.

Anonymous said...

The cast iron pillars are being ear-marked for future use by the railway heritage trust. I believe some ideas of a pagoda, or turning them into lamp columns along the carrage ramp development have been banded about. But don't worry, they haven't been sold for scrap!
I have also seen that old plaque, and I will make sure it's saved and put somewhere! Might need a bit of cleaning though. The frontage that it is currently attached to will be coming down, along with the shop that used to be next to it. What you will see at the very end is the original 1830's line of the viaduct arches, with a nice new silver grey footpath of granite setts lined with illuminated stainless steel bollards. Give us a few more months for that final completion though, demolition first!

Anonymous said...

iAs an (ex) key member of the project team since the begining of the project, i can confirm the the columns are being saved for railway heritage, for re-use / musuem use along with old railway signal structures that have also been removed .. i can assure you it was quite a challenge to remove the columns intact !

The current plans for the old plaques near the current entrance are that they will be removed, before the demolition of the existing structure and moved and inserted into the brick work viaduct near the new station entrance, to preserve or at least hint at how long the station has been around.

That is at least the plan i had set in motion before my departure...