Wednesday 4 January 2012

Deptford Lounge opens to the public

Sadly I had to be in the office today, but I sent my spy out to have a look around the new Deptford Lounge, which opened this morning.

Here's a few photographs of the ground floor to whet your appetite, I will attempt to bring you a more comprehensive report in the next few days. Meanwhile Sue over on Crosswhatfields had a more thorough snoop around, she has posted a report which also includes information about room hire rates.

Photos courtesy TCoM

I certainly like the sound of the opening hours, which hopefully will bring a bit of evening life to Deptford High Street in the evening and on Sundays.

The Lounge is open every day except bank holidays and for the opening week they have a special offer of tea/coffee for £1 a cup.

Monday-Friday 7am-10pm
Saturday & Sunday 7am-7pm

They have a Facebook page here.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures :)

medgi said...

i love this building - what a great contribution Lewisham have made to their community in these times of strife - only a shame that the school has been stolen by privatisation of a public asset - Tories!! GRRRRR!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info fantastic building great blog !

Anonymous said...

do you like the design Ms Dame?

Anonymous said...

The school hasnt been privatised - it is still a state school taking local kids. It just gets its funding direct from government rather than it going via the LA!