Wednesday 11 January 2012

Deptford Green School takes shape

Deptford Green School is set to move into its new building at the start of the new school year in September.

Unless you live in that direction it's unlikely you'll pass it, so I've taken a few photographs to show latest progress. Work started back in 2010, here's my post about the contract signing.

The main building is nothing to get excited about - it's a PFI school after all, so they don't spend a hell of a lot on design - but it's not a bad effort. I like the fact that the windows are not all the same size and in a regimented pattern, and the size of them suggest that it will be nice and light inside the building itself. 

The design effort has naturally gone into the main entrance area, where the structure bulges out with an organic flourish and a wood cladding with raised pattern has been applied. A nice contrast to the rest of the block, although I hope they intend to paint the concrete columns, which have a very poor finish at the moment. Let's also hope that the wood cladding is good quality and that detailing has been carefully considered so we don't get patchy ageing of the wood.

I was a bit puzzled by the 'unfinished' bits of the facade that looks over Fordham Park, but looking at the renderings it seems that they are destined to be coloured panels, so there will be a bit of visual interest from this side too.


Anonymous said...

I think it would be better if it was painted bright colours in blocks.

Several blocks. That would cheer the street up and the students. As it is it is nothing to write home about.

Bring on some colour.

Anonymous said...

It is no in bright colours, which was the "unfinished" bit someone else mentioned. Tours should be available of insides too from May if you would like a look! Contact me at the school, Anna.

Anonymous said...

"now" not no! Sorry, Anna