Friday 26 August 2011

Cafe Frizzante, Surrey Docks City Farm

I've been in here a couple of times for coffee and soft drinks, but this week I dropped in looking for a light lunch and a break from the rain.

The cafe overlooks the very heart of Surrey Docks City Farm; the addictive goat mountain which is the scene of goaty frolics and can be very entertaining. As well as half a dozen tables inside the cafe, there's an outdoor area with four or five tables and plenty of room for push-chairs.

There's reasonably extensive breakfast and brunch menus, with special lunch dishes and a soup of the day on offer - pea and ham today. I had the special lunch which was parma ham with mixed salad leaves and 'heritage' tomatoes which was served with a dressing and a slice of toasted sourdough bread. The vegetarian option was the same but with feta cheese instead of the ham.

The leaves - which along with the tomatoes are grown in vegetable plots around the boundaries of the farm - were tasty and very fresh. They included basil, beetroot leaves and something I didn't recognise that had a very distinctive aniseedy flavour, as well as lettuce leaves. The 'heritage' tomatoes came in various colours - red, yellow, green and even purply - and were also very tasty and fresh.

Washed down with a bottle of Chegworth Valley apple and blackcurrant juice it suited me very well, although I thought the portion size of the lunch was rather frugal for the £8 price tag.

The cafe is open Wed-Sunday from 10-4.30pm and is in the middle of the Surrey Docks City Farm - you can get in from either the river path or via the main entrance on Rotherhithe Street. On Sunday they serve a roast dinner, which I hope to sample some time soon.

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Kate said...

Looks delicious!