Monday 1 August 2011

Around Deptford

Just a periodic reminder that if you are interested in local news, gossip and goings on, there are plenty of other good blogs in the area that you should keep up to date with. Although there's often some crossover, I try not to repeat things that have been posted elsewhere unless I'm particularly keen on them, so it's a good idea to keep a bloglist of what else is going on.

For example:

Crosswhatfields reported recently on:

The new Deptford Project garden


the continuing link between our local Convoy's Wharf development and disgraced media corporation News International

Transpontine announces the imminent arrival of Come the Revolution, a cafe on New Cross Road backed by People Before Profit and with some confusing links to estate agent Housemartins, a connection which has Brockley Central commenters intrigued.

Transpontine also reported on the opening night of the high street's latest art space Utrophia, and published a fascinating report on the history and future of Laurie Grove baths.

Further afield from Deptford there are plenty of other hyperlocal bloggers, whose posts may well be of interest to you depending on your specific location, passion or, dare I say it, obsession. They range from the geographically-focussed Brockley Central, 853, Charlton Champion, From the murky depths, the Greenwich Phantom and the Blackheath Bugle to specialists such as Deptford Market, Shipwright's palace and London's lost garden. Have a browse in my sidebar on the right hand column, you'll be sure to find something of interest.

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