Tuesday 24 May 2011

Slices pizza

The latest foodery to open on Deptford High Street is Slices Pizza. I popped in the other day to check out the fare, and found it rather pleasing.

To be honest we don't eat a whole lot of pizzas in our house, it's usually limited to the occasional trip to Pizza Express in Greenwich, or if we are over in Peckham we might take the opportunity to have a pint in the Gowlett and accompany it with one of their particularly fine pizzas.

I like a thin, CRISPY crust with an appropriate density of topping. Too much is just as bad as too little. Pizza Express can usually manage to get the edges of the crust crispy but fails dismally with the middle. But I digress.

Slices, which has just opened next door to the Codfather fishmonger, seems to have a way with its crust.

I ordered an 8" veggie pizza (margarita with red onion, pepper, sweetcorn and olives, perhaps a tiny bit overpriced at £5.99) and it came about 10 minutes later served on a wooden board with a handle, and delightfully crispy throughout.
Perfect topping proportions, nice fresh ingredients and good quality overall.

(Oops sorry about that, couldn't resist taking a bite before I took the photo.)

As well as a range of classic and slightly odd pizzas (meatbalski? bollywood?) and the usual make-your-own, they also serve reasonably-priced breakfasts (the veggie one includes polenta) and various salads, jacket potatoes, panini and bagels. On Sunday when we passed they were advertising roast dinners.

The decor is pleasant enough for a cafe, plain walls with black & white prints (which look like they may be of the Deptford area, I didn't get chance to browse) and it's clean and tidy.

Just one thing guys - the lunchtime special offer of pizza and chips is wrong. So wrong I don't even know where to start with it, except to say it makes me think of school dinners.

Your pizzas are good enough to be a meal on their own, don't sully them with fries. Just saying.


neil said...

Went there myself the other day. Lovely staff, decent food at a decent price, and a good espresso for £1 too. Nice to have another good, reasonably priced food place to go to on the high street.

Anonymous said...

I have been going to Slices virtually everyday since it opened.
Their Specials board has very good variety and they have excellent food.
The prices are far more reasonable than the deptford project as well.

Thoroughly worth the wait for an excellent eaterie in deptford high street.

BTW they are now doing pizza delivery so will be ordering tonight yummy :)

John W said...

I like the rustic pizza, very authentic and you can taste the freshness of the ingredients used.

a good place to eat,well done!!!
We need a place like this in deptford

biff bifferson said...

you need to be able to eat slices one handed without droopage.
and i once thought as you on thepizza and chips, then our kid showed me the way at italian graffiti (RIP) on wardour street.
he took some chips, put them on a pizza slice and curled up the ends to hold the brutes still. incredible scenes