Tuesday 17 May 2011

Rivers & people events/three rivers clean-up

Deptford Creek and its tributaries are central to a series of events being organised by Lewisham Council and the Creekside Centre; check out one of the events listed below to find out more about the creek or to explore other wildlife havens in the borough.

For full booking details and links to maps, visit the website here.

Wed 18th May
2 to 5pm – Beautiful Brownfields Part 1
A much maligned group of habitats. Why are they so vilified? What makes greenfields better? What is a brownfield? This is the first in a series of explorations of brownfields. Starting with Creekside where a brownfield site was created. Booking essential.

Thurs 19th May
5am to 7am – Hilly Fields Dawn Chorus Walk
Join us for an early morning stroll around the park as we listen out for the beautiful birdsong on offer. Meet by old Park Keeper’s hut in centre of park.

Sat 21st May
10am to 2pm – Wildflowers of the Creek
Deptford Creek is home to a rich diversity of wildflowers. Some have been here for thousands of years whilst others are colonising as our climate changes and we introduce new species. We will be exploring the different types of wildflowers and their origins. Booking essential.

Tues 24th May
5am to 7:30am – Dawn Chorus Walk
An early morning stroll from Bell Green to Ladywell to absorb the magical sounds of riverside birdsong.
Meet at Sainsbury’s Savacentre (main entrance), Bell Green.

Sun 29th May
5 to 7pm – Grist to the mills
Join us for a wade from Cornmill Gardens to Brookmill Park and uncover silks, armour and gunpowder along the way. Booking essential (waders and walking poles provided).

Thurs 2nd June
2 to 5pm – Exploring Blackheath
Blackheath is an ancient landscape much altered and changed by us over millennia. As we explore we may find species that the Herbalist John Gerard found here over 400 years ago. Booking essential.

Sat 4th June
2 to 5pm – Attack of the Aliens
What is meant by the terms ‘alien’ and ‘invasive’? How do you identify these aliens? What is being done about them and why? Booking essential.

Wed 15th June
6 to 9pm – Aboard the Wildlife Express
Along with the rivers, the railways are vitally important wildlife corridors in Lewisham. An evening exploring the development of the railways and their impact on the surrounding landscape. Run in conjunction with the Friends of Devonshire Road Nature Reserve, we will be setting up the moth trap afterwards. Booking essential.

Thurs 16th June
6 to 8pm – Wildlife of Brockley Cemetery
Brockley Cemetery is one of the best sites in Lewisham for wildlife. Green Woodpeckers, Jersey Tigers and the rare Walthamstow Yellowcress.
Meet at Brockley Cemetery (Brockley Road / Ivy Road entrance).

Sat 25th June
6 to 8pm – Low-tide Creek Clean-up
A bonus addition to the 3 Rivers Clean-up Festival. Join us to help clear some of the less desirable items from the mud, whilst bearing in mind that ‘tis folly to remove a trolley’…
Meet at Creekside Centre, Deptford.

Sun 26th June
10am to 5pm – In Pursuit of the Deptford Pink
An exploration of Deptford’s link with the Pink. Why has it become so rare? What is being done to protect it? We shall visit Farningham Woods in Kent and explore the habitats close by. Booking essential.

Additionally don't miss the Three Rivers Clean-up festival from 28 May to 12 June. 'Your chance to take part in the fun, friendly and exciting volunteer effort to clean-up and remove Himalayan Balsam from 3 rivers in SE London. This is a free event giving you the chance to don waders and discover and improve some of the most interesting and beautiful sections of rivers in SE London.'

Full info here.

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Ruby said...

I went on one of the walks along Deptford Creek organised by the Rivers and People project a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It was an interesting way of finding out some local history and seeing places you know from a completely different perspective. Plus you get to wear waders! Some of the forthcoming events look really interesting too.