Monday 14 February 2011

Voyagers at the National Maritime Museum

A bit out of the manor, but I thought some Deptfordians might be interested in getting involved with this. After all our historical Royal Dockyard does give us much closer connections to maritime history than those Johnny-come-latelys over the border in Greenwich ;-)

The National Maritime Museum is inviting people to come to the museum on Friday 25 February to contribute to a new video that will be shown in the Voyagers gallery which will be part of the new Sammy Ofer wing which is due to open this summer.

"Voyagers tells the story of Britain and the sea, illustrating the contemporary significance of maritime histories and the personal stories of our island nation."

The museum is inviting you to go along on 25 February and explain what the sea means to you; they will turn it into a 30 second video to be used in the gallery and online. There's a trailer of Tom Cunliffe on the museum website which gives an idea of what your video could be like.

There's more information here about how to book a slot, and how to contact the museum for more details.

Ideally I would like to live by the sea, but the Thames (and to a lesser extent Deptford Creek) is my substitute. I like the fact that it's tidal, so it looks different every time I see it. It has the salty smell of the sea and in the right conditions you even get waves lapping at the shore. I'm not intending to bathe in it though.


Anonymous said...

It really does need something to get the NMM back into gear.
I had occasion to visit the NMM last week the first time in 35 years. I was sadly disappointed at the lack of display items and the poor concept of the whole museum. In my day it would take you 2 days to look round the enormous displays..but sadley there all gone probably locked away in the basement. It looks tired, uninteresting and run down. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Been living locally and using this museum for years, with children too and i couldn't disagree more. Its a wonderful museum and with some really absorbing exhibits. I find something new every time and I know many other local families agree. Think the new wing is hopeless! What a let down.