Friday 18 February 2011

Carnival against cuts Saturday 19th

Disturbing scenes were replicated across the country this week as councils ejected or barred the public from council chambers in order to agree massive cuts to services and rises in costs for those being retained.

As well as recommending the closure of five libraries and the Amersham Early Years Centre, with three other EYCs looking set for the chop too, Lewisham's mayor and cabinet meeting agreed to recommend cuts funding to youth projects and other outreach projects for vulnerable groups, increases in council house rents, school dinner charges, parking permits, pest control charges, meals on wheels and so on. The maximum weekly charge for services for adult social care went from £290 to a massive £395.

Mayor Steve can rest easy though; his election pledge to keep council tax at the same level has been protected. His legacy is intact.

It's also notable that the cabinet did not feel itself sufficiently informed to make cuts to senior pay, although it has recommended a review be set up, so presumably we can look forward to some reports from that in due course. And probably a few more reports, or another review.

In light of all this, you may feel inclined to join in with Lewisham's Carnival Against Cuts tomorrow, at various venues around the borough.

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Tá Na Deptford said...

HEY! We were there supporting the cuts costumed up to the max- check us out!/album.php?aid=42764&id=145966515445189. We are a local performance group who does street theatre- you should write a blog about us too!